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Red Dot Design Award
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The Emotiv Insight EEG headset is a sleek, 5 channel, wireless headset that measures your brainwaves and translates them into meaningful data to help you make the most of your cognitive performance. The Brain-wear can measure, track and help you improve your attention, focus, engagement, interest, excitement, affinity, relaxation and reduce stress levels. All with the goal of improving your cognitive power and efficiency.

After an extremely successful kickstarter campaign that managed to raise $1.6 million, Emotiv and 4design have worked to improve and innovate their product design in response to consumer feedback and comments. The additions to the design include a 6-axis inertial sensor, a micro SD card reader and a 3-axis magnetometer.

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Designed and shaped to suit your head with complex surfacing

  • 5 Channel Wireless EEG
  • Hydrophilic Polymer Sensor technology
  • Elegant, lightweight, intuitive, ergonomic design
  • Wireless connectivity to phone, tablet and PC

A tribute to the skills and dedication of our local R&D capabilities