Power Adaptor System


Product Design


Australian International Design Award
Red Dot Design Award
ARCHI Design Club Winner 2013
Elfack Design Award 2012
Delta Award

The Mainline track system provides power access anywhere along its length by using a dedicated power adaptor. 4design were challenged with developing the MLB Adaptor and a multi-platform device that shares 75% part compatibility between regional adaptors from across the world. The device features an integrated fuse, switch and LED and is designed for mass customisation through the unique modular and multi-platform part configuration.

The Mainline track system has been recognised globally winning multiple awards including the Australian International Design Award, the Red Dot Design award and the Elfack Design award.

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A great celebration of Australian product design and innovation


Power and data whereever and whenever you need it

  • Flexible and scaleable power access
  • Seamless and streamlined track system
  • Easy power socket removal and positioning
  • Conformity to all relevant National standards
  • Multiple finishing options