X5 Pager


Industrial Design
Production Specification


EMMA Innovation Award
Gold Australian Design Award

The X5 Pager is an indestructible communication tool used in the emergency services and other hazardous environments where reliability is essential. Winner of the EMMA Innovation Award and the Gold Australian Design Award, the X5 is a certified Intrinsically Safe, shock resistant, IP67, contactless charging pager designed for critical response emergencies.

This is one of the most technically complex products developed by 4design. The anti-static, carbon impregnated plastic makes the case truly tough and certified IS. Internally the electronics are surrounded by a soft boot to minimise shock, there is a Faraday’s cage to isolate the TFT. The product is adaptable to VHF and UHF paging frequencies. There is no other pager like this on the market… extreme in every detail!

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