Friday 11.09.20


Nurochek - 4Design - Wide angle

4Design has been awarded the country’s most prestigious and coveted design prize – the 2020 Good Design Award of the Year. Designed and engineered by the team at 4Design, the Nurochek system reduces the guesswork and ambiguous testing around brain health.  It allows for data to be compared over time to provide historical snapshots of each user, whether they be teenagers or professional athletes.

Now in its 62nd year, the annual Good Design Awards is the nation’s oldest and most prestigious design awards and has been recognising and rewarding excellence in cutting edge design and breakthrough innovation since 1958.

The Awards recognise design excellence across broad sectors and industries and cover everything from the design of products we use each and every day, the services we interact with, the places and spaces we occupy, to the design of the processes and systems that underpin business, industries and economies right through to projects in the social innovation space.

The program celebrates the best in design and architecture across 11 main design disciplines spanning 28 categories. More than 50 design experts from Australia and around the world assessed a record 825 submissions this year.

CEO of Good Design Australia, Dr Brandon Gien, said the panel of domestic and international judges, were incredibly impressed with the potential impact the Nurochek system could have across a variety of sectors to improve health outcomes for people all over the world.

“This product is the Holy Grail for design excellence in every sense. It literally could have a transformative and long lasting impact across the globe.

Like all ingeniously well-designed products, it transcends superlatives and serves as a shining example of Australian ingenuity and brilliance.  Importantly, it exceeds expectations with respect to our three overarching criteria for assessment: Good DesignDesign Innovation and Design Impact.

Thank you to the team at Good Design Australia.