A high quality and comprehensive prototyping service

Prototyping is essential to validating a product and provides a powerful insight into all levels of evaluation. We use prototypes early in development and have skills to produce simple form studies to fully functioning prototypes.

We are one of the few industrial design consultancies in Sydney Australia with an extensive in-house prototyping facility. This advanced capability allows us to act quickly, shorten lead-times and keep costs down.

4design has a well established team of partners to simulate parts to suit every manufacturing process. We offer a high quality and comprehensive prototyping service to compliment every project.

Turning your vision into a reality, quickly and efficiently

4design have the latest 3D printing technology in-house as part of our extensive workshop facilities. To compliment our capabilities, we also work with our long established network of suppliers.

With powerful 3D printers in-house, we can print in multiple materials, textures and finishes accelerating the development process all in all saving our client’s time and money. 3D printed concept models, functional testing, custom 3D printed parts or limited production runs are all part of the streamlined design process offered by 4design.

Our services include:

  • Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Polyjet Printing
  • Production simulant prints
Accurate and detailed functioning prototypes

From the smallest of medical products to large, metal structures, 4design’s fully functioning prototypes are a vital step to bringing your innovation to life.

Made from production simulants, our functional prototypes allow you to test the properties of the product or part prior to production in most time and cost-efficient way.

Our fully functional prototypes can also be used for compliance testing and legislative approvals prior to full scale manufacture or for you to secure your next crowdfunding, grant or investment funding.

Minimising the risk in your product design

Assessment of product features, ergonomics, size and proportion is fundamental to effective product development. The power of tangible and tactile visual representations of products throughout the product design process will improve the project outcome and ultimately the success of the product.

We employ traditional and contemporary product design techniques to develop visual models. These are made in-house by our industrial design team to ensure effective translation from concept to model. These can range from simple form studies through to highly detailed visually accurate models. Some are barely distinguishable from the real thing.

Proven success across multiple industries

We’re experienced makers! We can produce anything from a one off prototype to high volumes.

Our point of difference is our experience and knowledge not just in design but in the manufacture and supply of high-quality custom components. We understand high and low volume prototyping and can advise on the most appropriate production methods. We know what it takes to engineer parts to suit a variety of manufacturing processes so they can be reliably made.

Our network of world class manufacturers locally and internationally including moulders, toolmakers, sheetmetal fabricators, extruders, CNC machinists, die castors and many others ensure we can deliver quality products.

Delivering effective solutions for your innovation

4design have an established a team of low volume production specialists across a range of different manufacturing processes. We specialise in producing parts in the 10 to 1000 quantity range, striking the perfect balance between producing parts at a competitive price point with the highest quality.

We also offer an optimised supply service – a key difference between 4design and other Sydney Industrial design consultancies.