Partnerships and collaboration
Let us expand your architectural services

Clients across Australia have relied on our impeccable record in infrastructure design. We bring together capable and inspiring people to innovate and create functional solutions for all types of public spaces.

Our innovation team will seamlessly integrate with your clients and collaborators to provide better cities to work and live in.

Designed for the public
Transforming cities with innovation and the IOT

We create safer and more efficient cities with unique yet beautifully designed infrastructure.

Our  solutions are designed with the latest technology and Internet of Things (IOT), making our cities smarter and most importantly easy to use.

4design’s award winning design can found in cities across the world.


Modularity and customisation

Integral to our design is the understanding of the needs of all stakeholders. Our solutions ensure that your design is customisable for different environments and uses.

Our technical knowledge and broad stakeholder experience means that your critical projects are in safe hands with no detail overlooked.

Installation and maintenance

Why design something that can’t be used? Our in-depth understanding and experience means that our designs are renowned for their ease of use.

Our designs are secure, resistant to vanadalism and easy to maintain and install. We have all the benchmarks covered to ensure your solution is effective as well as future proofed.

Structural Compliance

We have been long trusted by our partners to produce designs that meet stringent regulatory approval and standard requirements.

Our skilled team of engineers and designers provide specialised expertise in engineering your design so that all aspects have been maximised and produced effectively.