Stakeholder Management

4design’s effective stakeholder management is the key to minimising the risks associated with the delivery of product designs for major transport projects.

Our proven design management framework will engage with your key stakeholders throughout the life-cycle of the project. We manage the risks and maximise strategic business decisions to deliver successful products to your network.

User experience

4design design tradition is dedicated to creating better customer experiences across your transport network. Customer analysis, ergonmics, human factors studies all play a crucial role in the design of our innovative solutions.

4design was commissioned by Transport for NSW to design the Opal Card ticketing system which revolutionised the NSW public transport system by providing an unified payment platform. User experience was central to the success of this project.


Environment considerations

Vital to the success of product development for this sector is the need for the product to be able to withstand the harshest of environments. All our designs are engineered to be durable, tamper and corrosion resistant.

Highly resolved industrial design and material selection allow for optimal product performance in all environments.

Standards and Compliance

4design’s specialist teams are highly experienced with the regulations and compliance issues relating to the design for the transport system.

The requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Australian standards are effectively addressed in all design elements.



4design’s product designs are easy to install and readily serviceable. Our class leading designs have been installed across the world. Whilst recognised as elegant and unique, hidden away are innovative design strategies which make them easy to install.

Our designs are often modular and resolved with key aspects that allow for ease of installation across multiple environments. Modular elements provide for easy updating.